Letters to the editor

Lettres au rédacteur


Congratulations on Champion. It’s time our elite top athletes had a forum! Their hard work and devotion and sacrifice can do with a bit more appreciation, publicity, and promotion.

From being an Olympic athlete and a publicity person, I well know how a boost like this can get you over a hump, a browned-off state, or nonproductive period.

On the way up while you’re improving you can see the rewards and feel it. When you’re on that top plateau and everything levels off to what you think is your top performance, it takes a little extra to get an athlete up. I think you are doing it.




I thought the following information would be of interest to the readers of Champion.

At the World Bobsleigh Championships held in Lake Placid in February, Joey Kilburn and David Veale placed 11th, and Tom Monson and Serge Cantin 18th out of 23 sleds in the two-man event.

Chris Frank, Brian Vachon, Robert Paquette, and Serge Cantin placed 13th and Colin Nelson, Jim Carr, David Veale, and Jim Lavalley 18th out of 20 sleds in the four-man event. Ron Knowles substituted for Jim Lavalley after two heats when Lavalley pulled a muscle.

At the European Luge Championships in Hammarstrand, Sweden, also in February, Canadian placings in a field of 50 were: Mark Jensen 18th, Bruce Smith 19th, Kurt Herzog 25th, and Pierre Paquette 32nd.



To all who phoned or wrote, many thanks for your support of Champion. Your interest is our lifeblood. Ed.

Merci à tous ceux qui ont pris la peine de téléphoner ou d’écrire à Champion. Nous avons besoin de votre encouragement. La Rédaction.