Commonwealth Games Federation: Far-reaching Gender Equality Strategy a First for Sport

By Sheila Robertson.

At the higher levels of international sport, much has been written (and some lip service paid) about the importance of gender equality. But words without action are worthless, and sport remains far from a level playing field for millions of girls and women around the world. WE are therefore encouraged by the actions of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) for its recently launched Gender Equality Strategy (GES), which covers many areas of relevance to girls and women throughout the Commonwealth. Continue reading

Sometimes the truth is not what it seems

By Sheila Robertson and Bruce Robertson

From time to time, various media outlets drag out the claim that prior to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Canada was the only host nation to fail to win an Olympic gold medal on home soil, and not only once but twice. The first occasion was the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal and the second the Olympic Winter Games in Calgary 12 years later.Continue reading