$400,000 for ClAU travel

University sport is expected to benefit from a recent federal government contribution to the Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union (CIAU) amounting to $400,000. The funding is aimed at assisting institutions with the travel costs they incur in order to participate in interuniversity sport competitions.

In making the announcement, sport minister Gerald Regan said that the main beneficiaries will be member universities of three of the five conferences of the CIAU: Canada West Universities Athletic Association and its six universities; Great Plains Athletic conference with five universities; and the 10 institutions which make up the Atlantic Universities Athletic Union.

“Hockey, football, basketball, swimming and other programs will benefit from this assistance,” Regan said. “Without it, universities from western Canada would have had to curtail their travel. And it would have remained impossible for Newfoundland’s Memorial University to join in the mainstream of university sport.”

Regan added the hope that the funding would make CIAU programs more attractive to prospective university athletes and would raise the level of sport excellence in Canadian academic institutions.

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